Day (491) – The World Reacts

Great post! So inspirational.

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The days of changing yourself to appease other people is over. Back in the days of cavemen, yeah sure you might have to because you lived in a tribe of 17 and you had only a few shots to impress “the one.” But today is different. Today we are no longer suffering from choice deficiency. There are literally hundreds of thousands of people who you can meet that might be interested in you…just the way you are. Interesting concept eh?

So this post has two messages to it. I never really ever say them outright but I think it’s so important. Because once this realization hit my mind (Thank you Allison Armstrong) it changed the ways I think about things.

1. Be yourself. The right people will stay. The ones who don’t like who you are about will go…and you don’t even have to ask them to leave they will…

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