There are many ways to help a person reach their full potential and be a healthier, happier person. It involves not only the body but also the mind, soul, and spirit. Those who know me well could tell you that I am a great listener and am the person to go to if you want honest, unbiased advice.

I am here to listen, offer advice, encourage, share, and learn. My specialty is in relationships, overcoming domestic violence/intimate partner violence, kids, parenting, healthy lifestyle, setting boundaries, and accomplishing goals. If any of these sound like you or your loved ones, I am here to help.

My ideal clients are responsible, motivated individuals focused on self improvement, a healthy lifestyle, dedicated people who care about the quality of their lives and desire a change. I help people achieve their goals, and generate new possibilities for their lives that turn their desires into realities. I believe we all have the capacity to overcome our obstacles and challenges to create value and joy in our lives. My years of practice and experience include working with depression, anxiety, co-dependency, substance abuse, domestic violence, abuse and trauma, stress, grief, parenting and relationships. I have a flexible schedule and offer weekend, evening, and online appointments.

I love what I do and I have a passion to help facilitate healthy changes in people.

Hope to hear from you soon!



My vision:

Helping individuals and families transform personal challenges into life-enhancing opportunities.

My mission:

Guide and facilitate an educational and therapeutic experience so clients can acquire enhanced self-awareness; a clear focus of the issues, problems, patterns, etc.; life-giving tools; resolution of core issues and lifelong patterns of personal struggles; and the want, the will and the choice to find peace in their lives.

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