Is it Possible to Improve Depression Without Therapy? — Damon Ashworth Psychology

If you walk into a bookstore these days, there is an ever expanding self-help section, all claiming to have the secret answer to help you to overcome your Depression. But do these titles even teach us anything new, and do they actually help individuals to improve? What is Depression? Although it is considered normal to […] … Continue reading Is it Possible to Improve Depression Without Therapy? — Damon Ashworth Psychology

Let’s Talk About the Darkness

This is a beautiful post about depression. Very honest.


Let's Talk About the Darkness. MomsicleBlog

What if joy and pain were different shades of the same, beautiful color—not sworn foes growling and frothing from opposite corners?

What if they completed each other? What if they were in love?

I just read Life of the Beloved: Spiritual Living in a Secular World, by Henri J.M. Nouwen, and he got me thinking about joy and pain.

When you come in from the snow and run your hands under cold water, your hands, they bite and burn just the same way as when you plunge them into a scalding bath.

Hold that thought. Let’s focus on the darkness for a moment.


K-Pants spent the night at my sister Hillary’s a while back. Hill woke up to see him standing right next to her bed, staring at her. “I’m afraid of the darkness,” he said.

Tell me about it.

I haven’t had a diagnosis of depression. But…

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Day (491) – The World Reacts

Great post! So inspirational.

The Better Man Project ™

The days of changing yourself to appease other people is over. Back in the days of cavemen, yeah sure you might have to because you lived in a tribe of 17 and you had only a few shots to impress “the one.” But today is different. Today we are no longer suffering from choice deficiency. There are literally hundreds of thousands of people who you can meet that might be interested in you…just the way you are. Interesting concept eh?

So this post has two messages to it. I never really ever say them outright but I think it’s so important. Because once this realization hit my mind (Thank you Allison Armstrong) it changed the ways I think about things.

1. Be yourself. The right people will stay. The ones who don’t like who you are about will go…and you don’t even have to ask them to leave they will…

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